Course Curriculum

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    • Welcome

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    Writing Letters of Recommendation

    • Letters of Recommendation: a guide for school counselors and teachers

  • 3

    Clearing the Clouds

    • Introduction to Clearing the Clouds

    • Testing in the Time of Corona

    • Summer Planning During a Pandemic

    • When COVID-19 Clouds the Counseling Crystal Ball

    • Paying for College in a Recession

    • Building College Lists In Uncertainty

    • Ask Me Anything

  • 4

    Get Wise: College Admissions Explained

    • Introducing Get Wise

    • There is no magic formula

    • What you do is more important than what you study

    • Community service is not about the hours

    • Test scores are never the most important thing

    • Every year of high school matters

    • The sticker price is not the price

    • You don't need a title to be a leader

    • Rapid-fire myth destruction